And the money that went to Paula Yates and Bob Geldof was the money that was her hired to fuck Michael Hutchence to return to Ms. Mary Queen of Scotland, well that wants the women to have to hold onto the Oranges.

Helena Blavatsky wants the royals to find their way to the wronging the wrong men. Michael, Gabriel, Kurt and God want all Christensen types to fess the fucking fucking fucking cocaine too there, was there a man called Aidan Turner used by the CIA to serve the whims that the wittle girls that watch MTV too want to own the men?

The WE wants the Brad Pitt's to hear that you are the men that were used too. And Keanu Reeves wants the invite to the Kitty's home.

The WE wants all those that prosper by holding onto a man's world wildly and then asking for the baby, well that was too Mrs. Pitt, aka the Friends Allowed Now, Jennifer Aniston that was the woman hired to seduce Brad to the pregnancy.

Helena too wanted the women to watch Queen Mary watch the other women too hire Helena Blavatsky to return.

The WE wants Helena Christensen to compliment Bob Geldof's father for the gift that the Tiger Lily Hutchence Geldof, the actually spawn of Bob Geldof, well that wins the WE there to regard the children too unimportant to the big important women that show to themselves that entrepreneurs want to remember that asking Angelina to remove both boobies prophylactically, well that was the hired medical mythos that the genetic markers erase all heredity since the liars make the babies.

The way to regarding the scripting that the breast cancer world needs supporters to "fight breast cancer" allows the Ayurvedic world to enter to stop that. Never will the Ayurvedic model support the removing the breast tissue. Never!

The women that want to be special, that want to return to "beauty" the way to Vogue to the world the realities that the world wants to remember that the very important need to make plastic surgery the way to glamour, that thinks that the man called Mr. Mickey Mouse now Michael Jackson was abused. And the woman called...Kabbalah was there then too y'all.

You are to learn y'all that the WE wants the men that have taken to troubling themselves wheather to we to the need to wheat so fucked by the fields being dowsed with Glyphosate that healthy weather, that wins Ayurvedic Doshic Worlds, whether the weather rains erases the WE's weathering that Weather Reports too want to regain the regaining that Ingrid Pastorius knew that the mental illness, now so convenient to hiring Larry Klein to father the twins, that twins to Kurt's Energy wanting Michael Hutchence as the American not but the Aussie Gentleman caller to return to Debbie Harry the model.